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Should you ever need a very special hairstyle for a very special occasion, we’ve got you covered! Be it a party, a gala dinner, business meeting, wedding or any other festivity, we’ll get you prepared and ready!

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Welcome to the best hairdressing salon in Bakewell

This salon, run by four best friends Dawn, Callie, Danielle and Tiffany is now the Bakewell’s women staple for either getting a nice and beautiful hairdo, chit chatting with their favourite stylist or just to feel special again. We’re proud that within just a few years after we opened up our doors, the salon became so popular! In large we’re sure that our incredible, artistic and tasteful stylists and our down-to-earth, non-city price range contributed to that fact.

Hairdressing Services

What our happy customer say

I’ve been a customer of this same hairdressing salon since I moved to Bakewell. The main stylists didn’t change and they’re still just as good as a few years back. God only knows, how many great things these ladies did to my hair over the years…

Geraldina Durrell

Wanna get a brand new look or refresh your current hairdo?

We offer a wide range of hairdressing and hair care services, so you can easily choose the right one


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all of our creations are inspired by you as a person

Keratin Treatments, Perms/Relaxers, Corrective Color and Extensions Based Upon Consultation


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fuller looking & Healthy hair at our best prices

Viviscal Extra Strength hair vitamin supplements for women nourish thinning hair & promote existing hair growth from within.


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our Stylists

Our team of professional stylists will never let you choose a bad haircut and will make sure that  your appointment will be finished with a smile!

Dawn Todd

Head Stylist (Owner)

Dawn is one of four friends to help build up a unique successful salon in Bakewell.

Callie Bateson

Advanced Apprentice

Callie is our youngest stylist which hairstyling practice came at an early age of 15 as a Saturday girl.

Danielle Gray

Junior Apprentice

Danielle (Danni) is one of the four happy unique girls which makes Elba.

Tiffany Concannon


Tiffany is known for her creative colours which also goes with creative hair up styles.

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If there's one specific day when I’m just working at home on my laptop, then I wash my hair in the morning and leave it to dry naturally for all day long. Oftentimes it will be taking the most of the day to dry which is not convenient at all. Though when using less frizz the results are a bit better, as when I just let my hair air dry but I do like using a diffuser. That makes a difference because it gives me a little bit of extra volume at my hair roots. The rule of thumb is if you’re trying to grow your hair the less heat the better, so only blow dry your hair when you really have to do so, like when you're in some kind of a hurry...
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